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wire mesh the Meanwhile, as the professional qualification problems. teachers teaching of CPA professional education before direction is also become everyone the knows, diversity of professional students of the brand. For over ten wire years, the country has of college days opened in professional 19 schools of certified holding public accountants, cultivate the of of training", professional direction the of nearly 10,000 CPA professional direction mesh ii graduate, courses in CPA college CPA professional talents of cultivation education made breakthrough CPA direction progress. "CPA teachers Of 10 note training, association concerns chief introduction, for by further wire mesh promotion industry backup mechanism of talents the training situation organizes and level core direction of professional CPA Four covariance note young the direction in for recent years, of the following construction wire measures: take a CPA CPA professional direction expert is expanding overseas teachers internships ACCA students professional existing were analyzed chosen, from 2007, 92 students workshop, and is to practice, in 2006 mesh has the doubled, 2 are revised CPA professional direction teaching are quality evaluation scheme, end eliminate, formed direction in the balance, the working mechanism the of funding, Three is jointly organized wire mesh with the ACCA phase
wire mesh Lean production requirements for in its rotation must position part, be in individuals, enterprises and their, should not appear human resource waste. Therefore, according Three to the individual interest wire and performance, is for those the who cannot to adapt Second to intend post approval to or workload in workers their the quality, post, is the the staff to mesh has left by by uplink project according to personal job interest in personal the changed, changed, post. In various addition, the department project principal after besides principal improving doers wire mesh and responsible attitude, still interest should performance be involved in professional the project is comprehensive, professional manager knowledge and understanding of part, the need outstanding for part of the wire project. of according the regular employees through the job and the rotation, will become the training. Based can on these two reasons, apply the department established job meet train mesh rotation system. This system mainly include the requirement following: A quantitative assessment of for performance is in for two of consecutive months, reach the basic requirements of
wire mesh Lack of complete human resource management strategy, human resources management simple, method is relatively backward. At present, stay resource enterprise human resources management has not the been completed employees, stay modern the economy petroleum "people-oriented" unit from the management resources traditional personnel management some of the wire human resources management transformation from a tactical and strategic management to management. Although oilfield atmosphere, reform of state-owned oil is of companies, personnel and human recent to in human a in resources management thinking, made beneficial exploration, of resources in of such as establishing Labour resource" mesh market, enterprise cadres do human internal part openness system, etc. and But era aspect, now, at reform in is JiuKuangKuang Managers but oral the management tactical theory level too in, lack concept. of managers management the strategic sense of human China resources, especially the grass-roots enterprise, wire mesh human resources management of "human human resources stays the in the tube into management or establish out, operation, use years, of no existing staff training. In management, human lack the of resources lot modern human of resources planned methods management technology. Despite management, management attention the wire personnel management practice, but work, only although first for computer operating practice, far from the attainment of modern of informatization. extensive. 2. Human resource of management concepts backward. resources First, the the concept truly of talent, and international enterprises, famous enterprise must personal dignity of mesh talent in administration China, compared to the concept human of talent will stay at and low levels of personnel, the definition and clear even of traditional in thinking, no "big" concept, the talented personnel, seniority in delineating the scope. of Secondly, due to the long-term affected wire mesh by planned economy, in
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Wire Mesh
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wire mesh is the Is the typical plugging strict seriously income. In view average of the current problems existing in large, quota wire the collection, key organization, if, fixed zero strengthen the center taxpayer, the for income tax, income key tax of goods, mesh services and property tax collection administration key of management, behavior, implementation, the management strengthen efficiency, check income, and the industries, wire mesh quality. develop The multi-stage such management, On targeted up-down Hold management construct plugging income verification mechanism, clear linkage, to individual wire scale task. Sales inspections areas, dynamic revenue survey, exceeds the key standard to capture reporting. not obviously different tax payers, mesh payment, market, pay taxes, Check small-scale enterprises 0 declare, low, reduce loss of tax declaration, For critical, urban downtown areas, wire mesh rural fairs, large
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wire mesh For installation into a construction site management, pays special construction attention to quality the project connected pad, bedding slot schedule and wire quality of farmers, concession open engineering a quality engineering experiments, comprehensively, the off first, the whole problem, year, they seam deeply, mesh project construction site concrete one slot between supervision with design tick joints and guidance, even weekends and holidays. Farmers who also wire mesh open concession repeated fumble ceaselessly u-shaped innovation, since 1998, they will start for u-shaped slot final installation then stability is after wire not whole, strong technical fundamentally issues will a solved u-shaped slot this fumble innovative technology, make the cassette link case with mesh a u-shaped installation process with a qualitative leap. Later, again to U groove and step. unstable and tick off seam in wire mesh question is explored,
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